Learning about sex, love, and relationships is a great way to explore and grow. Hacienda offers full online courses from sexperts Dr. Zhana and Kenneth Play, or if you prefer to learn in person, get tickets for one of our live workshops at Hacienda Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Video Courses

Open Smarter by Dr. Zhana

Monogamy? Polyamory? Swinging? Monogamish? Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell? Which type of relationship you thrive in or struggle with depends on your personality. Discover your unique self with the Open Smarter Methodâ„¢, a new, revolutionary science-based approach to optimizing your love life. Get Dr. Zhana's Open Smarter course and you'll get access to 45 videos, 15 personality quizzes, a handbook of resources, and all of the group class discussions to help you find your ideal relationship style!

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Sex Hacker Pro by Kenneth Play

Do you ever feel insecure in bed? Eliminate those fears when you sign up for Kenneth Play's Sex Hacker Pro Video Course. This course is for men who are looking to increase their confidence and ensure their sexual partner's utmost pleasure in the bedroom. Learn to be a great and giving lover. Access over 70 videos where you'll learn about pleasure theory, foreplay, kink, anal play, and more!

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Live Workshops

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Thursday, Aug 5, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Energy Orgasms

A Public Workshop

Energy orgasms are a mystical, wild, and sensual spiritual practice. Tantric teacher Sarrah Rose will guide the class in this sexy, energetic, and body connected yogic style.