Terms & Conditions

By applying for membership, being a member and/or attending an event you represent and warrant the following Terms & Conditions:

You must be 21 years of age or older.

You must practice consent at all times. You are expected to know and practice the specifics of our consent policy, found here. As a member you represent the Hacienda community. We expect you to be respectful and kind to everyone. You must communicate your requests for physical touch and also your boundaries at all times.

The privacy of our guests and members is paramount. You are expected to keep all details about other guests private. Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the private (play) areas. Photography or recording of any kind is not allowed anywhere at private events.

All media requests pertaining to Hacienda must be directed to Beth at Queen@WeAreHacienda.com

Upon entering the premises, you must be free of all controlled and or illegal drugs and or substances. Members and Guests cannot use or distribute illegal drugs, nor possess any weapons of any kind on premises, nor be involved in any gambling activity, nor bring anyone into the Club younger than 21 years of age. No Member nor Guest can purchase or trade for any alcohol inside or on premise. No Member shall engage in prostitution and or be employed as an escort, or solicit sexual acts for money or receive money for any sexual act whatsoever. No member will encourage or request other Members to engage in such activities.

Hacienda reserves the right to ask anyone to leave as well as revoke the Membership of any person for any reason or no reason at all.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Do not become overly intoxicated. If you are visibly intoxicated you are putting yourself and others at risk and will be asked to leave.

If Hacienda must employ an attorney to defend the owners of Hacienda because of an alleged violation by a Member of Hacienda and or any person associated with Hacienda, the Member agrees to hold harmless the owners of Hacienda, the owners of the real estate occupied by Hacienda and all persons associated (employees, vendors, website hosts, website designers, etc) with Hacienda and agrees to pay all costs of the owners of Hacienda's legal fees associated with this action. All claims or disputes arising out of the Membership Agreement shall be settled by an arbitrator be determined by the owners of Hacienda.

WAIVER AND RELEASE: You as a Member of Hacienda release all liability regarding Hacienda owners, the real estate owners of the property, all Members of Hacienda, all staff and volunteers at Hacienda, and any and all groups and individuals associated with Hacienda. All Members agree that if you engage in any physical activity, you do so at your own risk. This includes, without limitation, your use of the locker room, pool, hot tub, shower, patio, play platforms, sidewalk or any equipment available for use during the time that the Member is on the premises and your participation in any activity or program. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and using these activities and using these facilities and premises and assume all risk of injury to you or the contraction of any illness of medical condition that might result, or damage, loss, or theft of any personal property. You agree on behalf of yourself and your personal representative, heirs, executors, administrators, agents and assigns, to release and discharge us and our employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns from any and all claims or causes of action (known or unknown) arising out of our negligence. This Waiver and Release of liability includes without limitation, injuries which may occur as a result of (a) your use of any facilities which may malfunction or break, (b) our improper maintenance of any facilities, (c) our negligent supervision and (d) you slipping or falling while on the premises. You acknowledge that you have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand that it is a release of liability.

You are waiving any right that you may have to bring a legal action to assert a claim against Hacienda and any and all associates, volunteers, vendors, etc of Hacienda for our negligence. You, as a Member of Hacienda, agree to be courteous, law abiding and friendly at all times.

You understand and agree to abide by the standards and laws of the community in which you live. This contract is governed by the state in which it is signed and to the extent preempted by federal law.

I am solely responsible for my actions. The parties hereto agree to the terms of this agreement and acknowledge that they fully understand the obligations set forth.